St. Thomas Aquinas March 7

As a young man St. Thomas determined, in spite of family opposition, to enter the Dominican Order. He so completely conquered the demon of impurity that he was exempt from all temptation. Aided by a supernatural light, his intelligence sounded the depths of divine mysteries.

I wished, and understanding was given me; and I called, and the spirit of wisdom came upon me; and I preferred her before kingdoms and thrones. — Epistle, Book of Wisdom

The Imitation of Christ
Blessed is that man who for love of Thee, O Lord, abandoneth all things created; who offereth violence to nature and through fervor of spirit crucifieth the concupiscence of the flesh; that so with a serene conscience, he may offer to Thee pure prayers and become worthy to be admitted among the choir of angels, having excluded himself both exteriorly and interiorly from all the things of earth.
This splendid type of manhood, this glorious light of the University of Paris, this triumphant conqueror of himself, this angel of purity, attributed all his wondrous learning to the Crucifix.
You must know the life of this excellent student. Get a copy of his biography; if you begin reading, you’ll not be able to stop till you have finished. He is an inspiration. Take your missal and read through the liturgy of Corpus Christi; St. Thomas composed it. You cannot help loving this saint enthusiastically and wanting to be like him.
Thou hast written well of Me, Thomas, what wouldst thou? Nothing but Thyself, dear Lord, nothing but Thyself!