St. Thomas of Villanova September 18

St. Thomas was adviser to Charles V of Spain. The money he received was spent on the poor.

Behold a great priest, who in his days pleased God and was found just. — Epistle, Ecclesiasticus 44

(The Church celebrates the Feast of St. Thomas of Villanova on Sept. 22.)

The Imitation of Christ
Vanity of vanities and all is vanity, but to love God and serve Him alone.
This saint lived in the court of Spain where he was adviser to the king. The money he received went to the poor of Madrid. Note that men have lived in the quiet of the desert and in the whirl of a royal court and have managed to reach sanctity. It is never the place; it is the person who makes the difference.
Watch your thinking today. See if you ever think “If I had So-and-So’s chances” or “Some people get all the breaks” or “Oh, well, that teacher is partial” or “If I tried some of the things my younger brother or sister does I’d be killed,” etc. Those are marks of incipient jealousy which is bound to make you most unhappy all your life unless you conquer it. If you find yourself thinking these or similar thoughts, go at yourself “hammer and tongs” to get over the habit. A good way is try to make your self believe this: “I’m surprised folks are as nice to me as they are, seeing the sort I am.”

O wad some power the giftie gie us To see oorsel’ as ithers see us. — Robert Burns