St. Titus — Bishop January 4

St. Titus, the well-beloved disciple of St. Paul endured the futigues of numerous and distant voyages on land and sea to bring the Gospel to different nations. Despite hardship and labor, he lived to be 94.

The harvest indeed is great but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He send laborers into His harvest. — Gospel, St. Luke 10

The Imitation of Christ
Keep thyself as a pilgrim and a stranger upon earth, that hath no concern with the business of the world. Keep thy heart free and lifted up to God, for thou hast not here a lasting city.
You probably know very little about St. Titus. But he must have been a very fine man for he was one of the most intimate friends of St. Paul. That says it all, does it not?
When people see boys and girls associate with you, are they inclined, perhaps, to say “So-and-so can’t be worth much if he goes with that person”? The thing, of course, that really matters is this: What kind of companion are you for yourself? You know what Shakespeare says: “To thine own self be true; then it must follow as the night the day: thou canst not then be false to any man.”
Going much with wolves soon teaches one how to howl.