St. Ursula — Virgin and Martyr October 21

St. Ursula, in company with many other British maidens, fled from England to the continent during the Saxon invasion. In the vicinity of Cologne she founded a girl’s school. When attacked by the Huns, she and her companions courageously gave their lives for their faith and chastity.

After her shall virgins be brought to the King: her neighbors shall be brought to Thee with gladness. — Gradual, Psalm 44

The Imitation of Christ
I will give thee for this short labor a reward eternal, and for transitory confusion glory that is infinite.
These young women rather gave up their lives than commit sin, or give up their faith. How much can you stand if someone tempts you to do something against your conscience and calls you a poor sport or a “fraidy cat”?
There is no nobility in accepting a dare. When you are asked your opinion on certain things, do you say what you think, or do you say what you think the questioner wants you to say?
Only the good are brave.