St. Venantius May 18

At the age of 15, St. Venantius was led before Antiochus. He was made to suffer cruel torments, but angels came and assisted him. His tormentors were touched with repentance by his constancy and many were converted.

Most humbly we entreat Thee, O Lord that the prayers of blessed Venantius, Thy martyr, may avail to win for us forgiveness and favor, whom Thou has fed with the Sacrament of Life Everlasting. — Postcommumon

St. Venantius was beheaded about A.D. 250 for refusing to give up his Faith.
The only penalties threatened you for living up to your faith are an occasional sneer, or it may be later on a forfeiture of vour position, but, understand that God will not be outdone in generosity, and if you endure hardship rather then displease Him, He will see to it that you are compensated in due time.
God is the reward of them that trust in Him.