St. Wilfred — Bishop October 12

“A quick walker, expert at all good works, with never a sour face.” As a bishop he had to combat the passions of wicked kings and the errors of holy men; yet the battle he fought was won.

Behold a great priest, who in his day pleased God. There was not found the like to him, who kept the law of the Most High. — Gradual, Ecclesiasticus 44

The Imitation of Christ
They were aliens to the world, but they were very near and familiar friends of God.
You would have liked St. Wilfred had you lived at his time and known him. He was energetic and, once he saw what was to be done, he lost no time getting the work done and done well. You know the little saying about an idle mind being the devil’s workshop. When you dally about, the tempter soon finds a way to give you something to do at once. “Steal a march” on him by being always so busy doing what you should that he may never catch you idle.
It is Columbus’ Day besides. How far would Columbia have gone with his dreams if he stopped at “Now, I believe if someone sailed west, he would come up on the eastern side.” He would have died at the pier. Do you admire St. Wilfred and Christopher Columbus? Be like them! DO THINGS!
Know you’re right; then, go ahead. — Anonymous