St. William — Archbishop January 10

St. William reluctantly accepted the dignity of archbishop. As archbishop he redoubled his austerities saying that now he had to do penance for others as well as for himself. He always wore a hair shirt under his religious habit.

I have laid help upon one that is mighty, and have exalted one chosen out of My people; for My hand shall help him. — Matins, Fifth Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
For the just man will not be troubled, whatever happeneth to him from God.
How do you accept honors and compliments? Do you feel deep down inside that, well, it is coming to you? What if people outside knew you as God Who sees your innermost conscience knows you, do you suppose they would ever walk on the same side of the street with you?
You thought while you read the above “I don’t think I am any worse than the rest of them, and, anyway, I wouldn’t think of doing some of the things I have seen others do.” That is pride; you are exalting yourself and despising others.
He that exalteth himself shall be humbled.