St. Zephyrinus — Pope and Martyr August 26

St. Zephyrinus is styled a martyr, though he probably was not put to death. His pontificate was marked by storms and persecution so violent that he did, indeed, deserve the martyr’s crown.

For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and then will He render to every man according to his works. — Gospel

The Imitation of Christ
For His sake, and in Him, let enemies as well as friends be dear to thee: and for all these thou must pray to Him, that all may know and love Him.
One of the great sorrows of St. Zephyrinus was the apostasy of Tertullian who had shown himself a stanch defender of the Church. Pride led to the downfall of Tertullian.
Not he who begins well but he who ends well is crowned. The example of Tertullian ought to make us fear for our own end.
Pride goeth before the fall.