The Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel May 8

St. Michael appeared in Italy on the summit of Monte Gargano, near the Adriatic. He requested that a sanctuary should be erected to him where God should be worshipped, in memory of himself and all the angels, and this place became celebrated on account of numerous miracles.

Thus we praise with veneration

All the armies of the sky:

Chiefly him, the warrior Primate

Of celestial chivalry:

Michael, who in princely virtue

Cast Abaddon from on high.

— Vespers: Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
If in the angels Thou hast found depravity, and hast not spared them, what will become of me?
There are two feasts of St. Michael. You recall we had one in September. Persons who say that the people “thought” they saw this vision may be distrusted when they make a statement on anything they claim to have seen, for it is certainly as easy to “think” one saw another person laughing at us as to think one saw an archangel.
By this time you have probably established so close an intimacy with your angel that you need no further encouragement. That is fine. Keep it up always!
He hath given His angels charge over thee.