The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 15

On this festival the Church commemorates the happy departure from this life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her translation into the Kingdom of her Son, in which she received from Him a crown of immortal glory, and a throne above all the other saints and heavenly spirits.

The Virgin Mary is taken up into the bridal chamber of heaven, where the King of kings sitteth on His starry throne. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Thou wouldst wish to be already in the liberty of the children of God. Now doth the eternal dwelling, and the heavenly country full of festivity delight thee.
After years of patient waiting our Lady was reunited with her Divine Son on this day. Who can describe that first embrace of Mother and Son in heaven! And the glory of the heavenly Jerusalem when our Lord led His Blessed Mother to the throne He had prepared for her.
Congratulate your heavenly Mother today and ask her to take care of you until you arrive at the throne prepared for you from all eternity.
All beautiful and sweet art thou, Daughter of Sion.