The Finding of the Body of St. Stephen August 3

This is the feast of St Stephen whose birthday into heaven is solemnized on the day after Christmas. Today’s feast commemorates the miraculous finding by a priest of the relics of St. Stephen.

In those days Stephen, full of grace and fortitude, did great wonders and signs among the people. — Epistle

The Imitation of Christ
Fight like a good soldier; and if sometimes thou fall through human frailty, resume greater courage than before, confiding in My more abundant grace.
The relics of St. Stephen were discovered miraculously. Many were cured by devoutly venerating these holy relics. One lesson St. Stephen teaches us is courage, the other is forgiveness.
The injunction: “Forgive your enemies,” sounds easy but is often verv hard to do. Ask St. Stephen to keep your life sweet and wholesome by having only kind thoughts make their home in your mind.
Do good to your enemies.