The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste March 10

The 40 martyrs were soldiers quartered at Sebaste in Armenia. When their legion was ordered to offer sacrifice, they refused. As a result they were exposed on a frozen pond. One of them threw himself into a tepid bath hard by; but their guard, touched by the grace of God, took his place and there were still 40 martyrs.

The just cried, and the Lord heard them; and delivered them out of all their troubles. — Introit

The Imitation of Christ
Whoever findeth Jesus findeth a good treasure — yea, a good above every good. And he that loseth Jesus loseth much — yea, more than the whole world.
These were 40 men who refused to offer sacrifice to the gods. One of their number crept from the frozen pond into the warm bath hard by and died immediately while one of the attendants rushed out to take his place and keep the number 40 intact.
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In unity there is strength.