The Holy Apostels Peter and Paul June 29

Today the whole Church rejoices for “God has consecrated this day by the martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul.” In both the grand basilicas erected at Rome over the tombs of these two princes, who by the cross and sword have obtained their seat in the eternal senate this double sacrifice was celebrated. Later, on account of the distance which separates the two churches, the festival was divided, St. Peter being more especially honored on June 29, and St. Paul on June 30.

Triduum for the Feast of the Visitation begins.

Fathers of mighty Rome, whose word

Shall pass the doom of life or death,

By humble cross and bleeding sword.

Well have they won their laurel wreath.

— Vespers, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
Humble contrition for sins is an acceptable sacrifice to Thee, Lord, of far sweeter odor in Thy sight than the burning of frankincense.
Though the two princes were martyred on the same day, this day is especially dedicated to St. Peter. Dear, impetuous, excitable St. Peter, on fire with love for his Master, who can help but to love him?
Read any one of the Gospel stories, preferably St. Mark’s, and watch St. Peter all the way through. If you are open to impression at all, you will be fired to throw every ounce of energy into working for Christ; every fiber of your being will vibrate with love for him; every pulsation of your heart will throb for Christ.
I would my heart were a burning fire to burn itself out for Thee.