The Most Holy Name of Mary September 12

Just as a few days after Christmas we celebrate the Holy Name of Jesus, so after the Nativity of Mary, we glorify her Holy Name. Triduum for the Feast of the Sorrowful Mother.

And the Virgin’s name was Mary. — Gospel, Luke 1

The Imitation of Christ
Oh, how great is the abundance of Thy sweetness, O Lord, which Thou hast hidden for those that fear Thee. But what art Thou to those that love Thee? What to those that serve Thee with their whole heart?
Our Lady’s name means Star of the Sea. You, perhaps, love to call yourself a Child of Mary. A child always resembles his mother, if not in his features, then in his gait, in the way he does different things, and, since he thinks his mother is perfect, as mothers always are, he tries to be as much like her as possible.
When you rise to pray, or sit down to study, or go out to play; when you return home and help with little jobs about home; when you talk to people, try to do those things as you think our Lady would; or, imagine her looking at you while you do them.
Woman, behold thy Son. — Our Savior (on the Cross)