The Seven Brothers and St. Felicitas Their Mother July 10

By prayer, fasting, and works of charity, this mother merited the gift of martyrdom for her seven sons and the gift of faith for many idolators. Valiant woman that she was, she encouraged her sons who were martyred before her eyes and then suffered death

The snare is broken and we are delivered, as a sparrow, out of the snare of the fowlers. Our help is in the Name of the Lord Who made heaven and earth. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
Learn now to die to the world, that then thou mayst begin to live with Christ. Learn now to despise all things, that then thou mayst freely go to Christ.
This feast commemorates the birthday into heaven of a whole family. Wouldn’t you love to be sure that you and your whole family were going to heaven! Are you doing anything to make sure this will happen. This family did more than just wish this would happen, they made sacrifices that hurt.
God may never ask you to prove your love for Him by martyrdom, but He does ask you to make little sacrifices every day and every hour of the day. Are you a hero or a coward?
The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent bear it away.