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We have just learned that Fr. de la Rocque is being “transferred” to the Filippines. About 11,106.64 km from Paris.

It will be a real challenge for him now to stay in contact with the “wicked French anti-Liberals who do not want to rally to the Rome of Francis”.

For extra security reasons he is not appointed as prior of Manila but he is appointed in Davao, far away from Manila, in the Southeast of the Philippines (try to find this hole on a map!)

But that’s not all. He will have to learn Cebuano (the local indigenous language) to speak with 75% of the inhabitants of the place where he has been appointed, and for the other inhabitants, the Tagalog, the Hiligaynon and the Bagiboo!

What priest beyond a certain age could endure such a change? Fr. de la Rocque is certainly still young and supple enough to bear such a trauma.

But a 60-year-old or 70-year-old priest?

This sanction is therefore a warning (especially to the older priests) for all those who would be tempted to resist one way or another Bishop Fellay’s rallying policy.

Death (social) or exile. The suitcase or the coffin.

Talk about the SSPX being a sect that knows how to break its members..

[Let’ hope that Fr. Chazal will soon gain another ally !]