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Coming from the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüarn joined full communion with Rome in 2006 and co-founded the Institute of the Good Shepherd at the request of Pope Benedict XVI. An important figure of Traditional Catholicism, he is director of the Saint-Paul Center and editor of 'Objections' and 'Monde & Vie', and director of 'Radio Courtoisie'.

Three weeks ago, I spoke about 40 minutes to AFP, who only retained two sentences [of what I said]: those in which I explained that Bishop Fellay has a personal interest in the reintegration of the SSPX.

I repeat and expand: from the beginning, Bishop Fellay was “in the cockpit”, being general bursar even before his ordination, a bishop at 30 years of age, a superior general for so long that most of his priests know only him. His current mandate ends next year, but if the SSPX becomes a personal prelature before then, he will no longer have to worry about being re-elected: it [the SSPX] will be like his own diocese, for as long as it lasts.

There you have what can explain the changes in Bishop Fellay on this issue. I am one of those who knew him in other circumstances. I won’t make a [detailed] defense, but basically the most recent “mutineers” are sanctioned for saying today what the SSPX said at the beginning of the century . What Bishop Fellay reproached them for is to continue to take their words of the time seriously in 2017. [ So much for the SSPX being accepted "as they are" ! ]

The flip side of the coin is true also, and we are some [rebels] for having disembarked and thought a little too early (and perhaps [aimed] a little too high) in [thinking] that the SSPX should not develop an obsidional mentality.

However, God writes straight with our crooked lines. I told you that AFP only retained one minute of my forty, here are the 39 others: Sooner or later the SSPX will be reintegrated. In fact, this is already the case, since Pope Francis had given what they still lacked: jurisdiction for confessions, and for marriages, the legality of his ordinations, and the power to judge his priests in the first place.

There is only one last “rubber stamp” that the Society will accept because Rome grants everything and does not ask for anything in return. The SSPX has always insisted that it is a work of the Church, and now the Pope shares this conviction [ What a joke ! ] - what more can they ask for? [Archbishop Lefebvre : "That they accept the doctrine of their predecessors, the Anti-Modernist Oath, and the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ !" ]

I am pleased for the SSPX, which is the flagship of Traditionalism. I REJOICE ESPECIALLY AND EVEN MORE SO FOR THE CHURCH, which for some years has been regaining its Tradition, by small steps … sometimes decisive ones. The liberation of the Traditional Mass being one of them, and the reintegration of the SSPX is another one (more than 600 priests … 1,500 people if we include religious, sisters, and friendly communities). Rome reintegrates its own Tradition! That’s all there is to say, I rejoice and I’m sure you will too.