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Dear Fathers,

Do you love opprobrium?

You preach the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius which key meditation gives us the program of the true servants of God in the face of the program of the servants of Satan. It is poverty, love of opprobrium, humility, and from there, maintains Saint Ignatius, all the other virtues will follow.

Poverty doesn’t seem to be a distinctive mark of the Society of Saint Pius X…

And neither is the love of opprobrium: you seek apostate Rome’s approbation! You want to be recognized by those you should denounce and fight! You whine before them to beg a few crumbs of recognition. You refuse to see that they are themselves in thrall to the world and Bilderberg.

You submit the marriages of your faithful to the ways of the world and not to the strictness of the Gospel, because that is precisely the issue: the false canon law of Vatican II promotes divorces under cover of annulments, while the wise demands of the Code of Saint Pius X breed adorers of the true God.

As for humility, I will tell you only one thing: You are bourgeois and chaplains to bourgeois. Do Muslims have no souls that you do not try to convert them? That you do not send your Sisters to live in their midst as Pere de Foucauld was begging?

The Apocalypse is going to fall on our poor world and you are not bringing up Christians who love poverty, opprobrium and humility, who alone will be able to resist the power of money, the vanity of technology, the pride of the Revolution.

All you can say, all you can write about is: Obedience! And you do not want to see that the youth escape you, seized by the world.

Ah dear Fathers! It is no longer time to ask you to go back 30 years, that is to say to the enthusiasm of the consecrations of 1988 by which Archbishop Lefebvre, despising the false wisdom of the world, the false prudence of Rome, gave to the world the only response it deserved: missionaries of the Faith.

For, since that time, you have kicked Bishop Williamson out of the Society of Saint Pius X like a swine, you have kicked out like a contagious plague priests and faithful servants of God! You have shown through this, like Father de Caqueray said, that they didn’t belong any longer to the Society of Saint Pius X. Indeed, we do not belong amongst you anymore, and if you wanted to reintegrate us into what you have made of the Society, we would refuse.

We have so often extended a hand of friendship to you, but you have despised us and calumniated us, therefore, solemnly relying on the power of the Gospel, out of respect for the majesty of God, we implore you to come back from your misguided ways, to ask God forgiveness for your cowardice. Some constitutional priests during the Revolution did it, so why not you? You will ask the humble Virgin Mary to obtain for you from God, by humble penance, by a humble apostolate to the poorest, hidden in the midst of the modern world which you have loved, you will ask her the honor of a humble confession of the faith, and when the world will hate you, when it will treat you like its worst enemy, you will know that you have been forgiven.

Father François Pivert

Priest of Jesus-Christ