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To: Fathers David Aldalur, Xavier Beauvais, François-Xavier Camper, Bruno France, Thierry Gaudray, Patrick de La Rocque, Thierry Legrand

Paris, 7 May, 2017

It is with attention that I read your “Letter of the Deans” which was made public on May 7th. As a district priest, I would like to sincerely thank you for such a clear and strong declaration, which I am sure will have the effect of reassuring our faithful in the certainty of always finding among the priests of our beloved Society of Saint Pius X the assistance necessary to contract and celebrate their marriage in the spirit of the fight led by Archbishop Lefebvre, that is to say, in a spirit of unfailing fidelity to the teaching of the Church.

The decision of Pope Francis, made public by the Ecclesia Dei Commission last April, and already widely commented on in the media, caused great concern among the faithful; they were afraid that we would now ask them to rely on the decision of the local bishops to validly and lawfully be able to exchange the matrimonial consent according to the traditional rite.

The true, precise, faithful and canonically well-argued argument of your letter will reassure and appease them. Already, I have received testimonies. You have acted as true pastors who are concerned about the good and the protection of the souls that God has entrusted to you. In the present situation, speaking loudly, strongly and without hesitation has become more necessary than ever; you have done so, and we sincerely thank you for it.

I particularly appreciated the conclusion of your letter in which you emphasize that this first step towards the granting of a personal prelature, which is supposed to let us remain as we are, paradoxically consists in a desire to subject the marriages of our faithful to ordinaries who have no objections against the deleterious teachings and the disastrous decisions of Pope Francis on the sanctity of marriage.

I can assure you that many confreres of the district, with whom I have already had the opportunity to talk, share in this a feeling of gratitude. As one of them told me : “It is a beautiful text, clear and comforting by such vigor that we thought we would never again be hearing.”

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to which Monsignor Lefebvre has consecrated the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, be our help. May Our Lord keep you and protect you.

Fr. Denis Puga