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Judging by the voice of the SSPX, it was believed that traditional Catholicism, i. e. authentic Catholicism, was resistant to the projectiles of the most formidable catapults and siege engines. Being heiress of these two millenia of Catholicism, she was the only one that was relevant and proud to uphold this heritage, this august priestly society that formed priests charged with winning the souls of this world. Those sick souls, souls who got lost in the wilderness of worldly ideas or who isolated themselves in their incomprehension of the things of this world. But the conquest of these souls, and of all the souls that populate the nations of the Earth, is not a conquest of a Caesar, nor of a Brutus against Caesar. It is divine. It is a divine prescription: "Go and teach the nations!". It is to instruct the (doctrinal) deposit of the Faith; it is also to open the eyes of the ignorant to the liturgical treasure of Holy Church.

The SSPX held the banner of Christ the Saviour up high, in the middle of a modernity that was increasingly alienated from God despite two thousand years of uninterrupted revelation. She raised the host and chalice for her most humble worship. Further afield, she carried the voice of her Divine Master through Gregorian chant and the liturgical procession. She preached the Word of God beyond the shrugs of shoulders or the sarcasm of adverse consciences. She confronted the chatter of the liberal thinker or theologian who made the "Me and Myself" the center of their spiritual meditation. In the legion of Christ and his Holy Mother, she was the marching army, ready to fight against doctrinal error and to slow down its infectiousness. Words of Faith came out of her mouth with strength; the courage of Hope animated her will to fight, and the Charity of her acts revived wounded souls and comforted them. She was strong in her isolation from the world and was even stronger in her duty to remain faithful to the Church of all time, to the Mass of all time, to the sacraments of all time, all the while being abused by a mocking and rebellious crowd of atheists or liberal Catholics.

Now however, as with the "global warming" we ideologically get drilled into our ears, it appears that in it's turn the breath within this society is warming up too. The leaders, who used to cry "raise your weapons!", now go to sleep without being invited to do so by the order of the Divine Master. They cast off their loads and went for a drink in the refreshment bar of the Santa-Martha inn or to recline in the shade of a Roman parasol. Through the fatigue of todays leaders, and without a doubt also through the pusillanimity that has infected their minds, this whole order of the Church Militant has now become a floundering ship, a forum where opinions cross paths, a farmyard filled with cackling about the conveniences of a new model or a new canonical status to be coveted, because those who direct her, outwardly suppress or relativize the disorders that afflict her inwardly. And so the liberal machine advances: to cultivate a nice image of oneself, in Rome as well as on all four continents; to utter soft and soothing words, [all the while] whispering the true words quietly, reducing them to silence or to neglect them altogether through omission.

In fact, in these days of the Internet, at a time when one's voice can be made heard all over the planet, the battle cry is watered down to give way to the sirens of "living together". Words are separated from the will that drives them. The founder of the SSPX never admitted defeat, never felt himself outside the Church, nor did he ever succumb to the indecent reproach that the Church's authorities accused him of wanting to be, all on his own, the Church. He was a man of the Church, in the heart of the Church, bent over backwards, invested with the mission of defending the Church against the twisted spirits that had been invading it for more than a century and that took control at Vatican II. The SSPX is a work of the Church, at the very heart of the Church, rejected by the liberal poison that took control in Rome and in dioceses all over the world. It is a public duty to write and affirm this. It is even a Catholic duty to dare to repeat this to [the SSPX's] current leaders.

The liberal poison has penetrated this apostolic work which was instituted almost fifty years ago now. She [the SSPX] put on the costume of the coquettish imperious who court the beautiful bride in defiance of all the rules of good morality. Because the SSPX is "married", yes "married" to the perennial Magisterium. She is the wife of the Tridentine rite, erected as a scepter of magnificence during the centuries of Catholic Christianity; she is the servant of one Lord for the promotion of the priestly order and must refuse any alteration of this royal bond. Adultery [on the other hand] is liberal, divorce is liberal, cohabitation is liberal. This mixing of ideas is liberal, the confusion of genera and species is liberal. None of these liberal perjuries can triumph over the goal set by the founder of this society without committing treachery.

Today when one reads that website dedicated to the communications of the General House,, one does not see the rejection of these Roman courtisans, nor that of their substitutes with their false smiles, holding their fingers crossed behind their back. It contains briefings or current affairs on the Vatican or the Church in the world, without any reference to the doctrinal order, without any spiritual indignation or theological questioning.

Several articles, among others currently online, will testify to this resignation of thought in the face of error: "Pope Francis Pleads to Rehabilitate the Dignity of Politics", "The Pope's Master of Ceremonies gives his definition of liturgy" and "Francis confirms the ceremonial of Benedict XVI in his functions". We are here in the raw, cold, orphaned data of guided commentary that leaves the reader to make his own opinion. The Liberal Catholic is like that: steeped in his independences of what is true and what is good; the independence of the mind and of the will; the independence of consciousness and of feeling; the independence of the body, of the present, of reason, of the individual, in short of the independence of man, in all his states, because he is once again that Protagoras in whom the measure of all things resides.

When she is reproached for this state of mind, she immediately comes lashing out, raising Soviet-style condemnations against the so-called revolt, she punishes the perpetrators, silences one and sends another to the other end of the world, she denies him his "right to...". The lessons of Pope Francis are quickly learned.

The website of the General House, which boasts of Holy Pope Pius X, the great defender against the heresies of our time, is henceforth nothing but a relay, without commentary, of the liberal and modernist errors that bleeds dry the doctrinal corpus of the Church, it's a sham. Unfortunately, it ought to be pointed out...