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Due to Fr. Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva's attitude of complete independence, as well as on account of his new position of sedevacantism, we are obliged to warn the faithful that we are no longer responsible for the words and actions of this priest and of those who follow him. We remind the faithful that Archbishop Lefebvre did not allow any of his priests to refuse to pray for the Pope at Mass. Fr. Rodrigo was ordained as a member of the Priestly Society of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary (SAJM) whose founder, Mgr. Jean Michel Faure, demands from it's members what Archbishop Lefebvre demanded.

This is our position, as well as that of the Four Bishops and of all the faithful of the Catholic Resistance.

By adopting this sedevacantist position and a position of complete independence, Fr. Rodrigo separates not only from his superior [bishop Faure], but also from the other three bishops of the Resistance: Mgr. Williamson, Mgr. Zendejas and Mgr. Thomas Aquinas.

+ Tomás de Aquino OSB


Editor's note: please pray for this recently ordained priest that he may come to his senses and return to the position of Archbishop Lefebre, and to obedience to his superiors.