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The following is a reprint from the October 2013 Miles Christi, which thanks to an anonymous volunteer you can now download in a nice PDF format.

Abinezer arrived in the town of Nachor to find a wife for his master’s son, Isaac. Not knowing how to start, he prayed: “Lord, don’t send me a feminist.”

In that very instant Rebecca came forth, and offered to help generously, filling all the buckets for Abinezer’s ten camels... and they were thirsty like camels! – When she was done with the camels, she insisted that he should stay at her parents; and when Abinezer told that she had to leave for ever the next day, to the stupefaction of her whole family, she responded instantly... and that was not the end of her great generosity.

All this is old school, tribal, retrograde and reactionary nonsense for our liberal modern world who hates the notion that the woman is for the care of the home, or that she should fear her husband, or that she should desire to have plenty of children. But St Paul and all others are very clear. Women must be humble and modest. Feminists won’t go to Heaven, whereas “the woman shall be saved by the generation of children”.

Coco Chanel, among others, strove to impress feminism on society by having women wearing pants in the 1950s... she was extremely successful.

Bishop de Castro Mayer, like Padre Pio and others, picked up the danger immediately. He said that a woman immodestly dressed sends souls to Hell, something bad enough in itself. But a woman in pants adds pride, i.e. denies her femininity and claims equality with men.

The coming of the industrial age, today’s labour laws, the suburbs, the telenovelas, the preaching in the schools and the media all go in the same direction... but there is worse.

Once a great number, nay the vast majority of women have become feminist, they pile a tremendous pressure on those who condemn them, merely by being modest, having lots of children, staying at home and obeying their husbands. Anytime you walk down the street you are reminded that you are different, and that’s when you do not get blamed explicitly for being a Catholic woman.

Therefore we must acknowledge that it is difficult to go against that huge tide and peer pressure; and that it can take some time for a woman to realize the errors of the feminist ways, and exit them. It does really help if good Catholic men show greater respect, politeness, courtesy and admiration for their bravery amidst such a chorus of disapproval. It really helps if one explains how vital the good Catholic woman is for the Catholic Church, and what is the extent of her power.

Women were aware of their power on the same day as Eve had her first child: “I have possessed a man in the name of the Lord” said she. Sterility was considered as the
ultimate curse, as in the case of Michol when she mocked David, or the entire house of Abimelech or Pharaoh.

But now we live in an industrial age, and the life insurance that children are by nature, has been replaced by nothing but life insurance itself. Children have instead been made a liability; they don’t fit modern two-bedroom flats, their school education has been made expensive, and being often spoiled by their parents, they give them such trouble that both parents are disinclined to have more of them.

This in turn makes the non-feminist woman a liability, and, pity her, she will have to go out in the big bad world, to fight and work hard like a man, against other men, and which is worse, against other women...

Husbands are no more breadwinning heroes for the most; that was also done on purpose: the old order was that because life was rough for a man, and responsibility was a must, women would excel in their field and support and help their husbands, being the “strength of their bones” and console them in their hardships if necessary.

You may tell me, this beautiful old order is gone, no matter how much you want it back: stop whining.

Well... the old order is coming back with a vengeance. Nations, whole nations are beginning to disappear. Remember that the word nation comes from “natus” ≈ birth.

Hence, for those nations willing to exist, there is going to be no choice than to throw away feminism.

And where is the material prosperity that birth control was supposed to bring us? Sickly sterile families, when in millions, only give birth to a sickly economy, incapable of growing, or growing nothing but more debt. This is under our eyes, this is reality. Panicky economists should stop whining and call for a demographic upsurge.

A coming World War III will scale down the human population to modest levels, the wickedness of man being such [when he is wicked like now] that he is much more an expert at killing his fellow men than at giving life.

So I don’t think the days are too far off when mankind will long for true womanhood to return, and in desperation.

Right now, it is the Catholic Church that is in desperation, for lack of vocations. And even the world of tradition is affected in some places. Why?

Because even if women are excluded from the priesthood, nothing but a true motherly heart can put a priestly heart in a man’s soul. The sanctity of the great confessors can always be traced to their Catholic mother; her modesty, her purity, generosity and obedience are priestly virtues; virtues of a mediator; virtues of one who pleads for his people before God.

Alas, today’s women are too full of themselves, utterly concerned about the way they look, and they fall into cruelty, selfishness, because the big bad world out there is not for them.

Some did the experience, and did not like it; many others were thrown there unwillingly, some rare ones have been able to cope, but they are natural exceptions that are acceptable in the sense that when men fail or are missing, some women can fill in like Joan of Arc, Isabela, Mary Therese of Austria (mother of sixteen children by the way!)

The solidity of marriage is enhanced by the mutual admiration of spouses for each others’ mission. There is no way a man can do what a woman does and the unenviable tasks in the world out there are not for women. There is ample room for a woman to display strength and courage in her motherly office to inspire and support her husband in turn. Behind any man, there is a woman, a backseat driver. Where is the woman, should you ask, when you see a man of exceptional valour. (And for us priests, the woman who backs us up is of course Our Lady, the one alone who stood when all others fled or collapsed).

I blame modern and feminist women for relinquishing their power, deserting nations, and emptying the Church of its energy which is the sacrificial spirit, even if they are also emptying the pews.

I think that the whole humanity will undergo a severe correction, so that the institution of the family may be put back on its feet... and it takes one woman for such a restoration, as St John puts it, “the woman” (APOC XII).

But dos and don’ts and threats will only go so far; there is another way; the way of the Holy Ghost, by which a woman comes to want to be modest, generous, and obedient.
But how does the Holy Ghost make those qualities manifest in the best way? Obviously in his most Perfect Spouse, so that just when our Lord asked us to be humble, he did not say “be humble” but “learn of me that I am humble of heart”; so I am confident that I shall, one day, persuade all of you, my ladies, so endow yourself of these qualities not from what I say, but from what you see in your model, the Blessed Virgin.

In the end feminism is totally wrong, because it is an attack against Our Lady... just like a good Catholic woman increases our knowledge of her beauty, generosity and strength.

Beauty - Strength - GenerosityEach one of these qualities shines in the three great spouses of the patriarchs of Genesis.

Note well that each one of them conceived miraculously, or by a special Grace obtained through tears and prayer, like Anna, the mother of Samuel (Note that the Canticle of
Anna resembles the Magnificat).

St Louis de Monfort is particularly attentive to the prefiguration of Mary in Rebecca, who prepared all the details for the election of Jacob, just like Mary is the channel of our election for Heaven.

Rebecca did not accept Esau conniving with heathen, Canaanite women, and seeing Isaac powerless to deal with the problem, and fully agreeing with her she straightens up everything without any detriment to the dignity of her husband.

Rebecca is the strong woman of Proverbs XXXI, she leaves nothing left to do to her husband... does it make her a feminist? She takes lots of initiative, buys and sells, distributes orders... is she a modern woman?

Three times no. She paved the way for good women.

They understand full well that their kingdom is the home, that they are needed by their husbands, whom they complete by their talents, and that their children depend utterly from them.

But all this supposes a constant and generous service which, in fact, is what a woman prefers to do. Here are the words of Simone de Beauvoir: “We will not allow women to be able to choose between a professional, exterior task, usually reserved to men, and the domestic occupations at home, because they tend to choose the latter.” De Beauvoir was speaking at a time when women were still very feminine (and men more manly), but even after decades of brainwashing women are naturally attracted to their homes... — and they remain complacent, by nature; being selfless, yet vain, while men are more selfish, but not so vain. Now, again, revolution is working hard to make self-centred  modern monsters but nature doesn’t go away that easily; women love to help. Their nature is built around a helpless baby.

Hence in Proverbs XXXI, what the perfect woman obtains is the trust of her husband: “Confidit in ea cor viri sui” (“The heart of her husband trusts in her”), whereas elsewhere Solomon says that the bad woman is the rottenness of his bones. Men of today, not being able to confide in their women, are weak. Women should be ashamed of how lame their men are.

The heart of the new Adam took the heart of the new Eve at the moment of His Passion, and He was found strong. All help from His divinity was held back (“Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?”), in order to bring forth the assistance of “the woman”. Everything went so well that God wants to make a second demonstration of her role of Mediatrix and Coredemptrix... by allowing the world to remain in such a wretched state until her heart is acknowledged exactly the way He wants; by the consecration of a nation state to her by the Pope.

God wants us to see how desperate it is to be without the most perfect of all women; and how triumphant it is to have her when poised to attack and crush the serpent.

Mankind couldn’t fall lower than where it is now. But the humble shall be exalted; at the coming of the women, the elect at last rejoice (APOC XII): “Now have Salvation and Power come, the reign of our God, and the authority of His anointed One.”

King Solomon reigned with his Queen always next to him, prefiguring Our Lady. So, like He did at the first miracle, Christ does not want to release His power unless he sees the one who is to reign with Him properly acknowledged.

Similarly, feminism blots the power of men, hinders women to be of any good and makes children the first victims of a woman’s rebellion against the authority of man.

But the next question is:

“What happened to the man?”

“Where are they?”

In Iesu et Maria,

Fr François Chazal

Fr. Chazal