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    Favourite Quotes

    Wonderful explanation of the Hail Mary. I don't recall the exact quote but St. Therese of Avila said she would gladly come back to earth and suffer greatly for ten thousand years? in order to gain the additional merit in heaven of one well said Hail Mary.
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    Think Lent is Tough? Take a Look at Medieval Lenten Practices

    Mr. Marshall is confusing the Monastic Fast with the fast of the laity. The rules were different. But still tougher than today. Also in the monasteries there was usually an early Mass, and then a second Mass after Nones, which was said in the morning as Mass was not permitted to be said in the...
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    I am happy that it did a bit of good. Deo Gratias. Protestantism's false doctrines of "faith alone" and "accepting Christ as your personal Saviour" did away with the notions of penance and sacrifice, which is contrary to the New Testament which in many places calls us to do penance.
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    Open Letter to Fr Michael Mary and Fr Anthony Mary, FSSR

    It is curious that Fr. Michael Mary and the Sons are busy with 250 souls in Christchurch. Twenty odd years ago in Perth they made it very clear that they are not parish priests. They are monks at home in Papa Stronsay, indeed Britain’s “toughest monks.” Praying and doing penance and missionaries...
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    Open Letter to Fr Michael Mary and Fr Anthony Mary, FSSR

    My mission to Christchurch received a most amazing and unprecedented reaction from Fr. Michael Mary and the Sons of the Redeemer. They are no longer Redemptorists and no longer seem to have the spirit of St. Alphonsus Liguori. Nor do they seem to have much to do as they made a great effort...
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    Septuagesima Septuagesima is the beginning of the penitential season. We change to the violet vestments and the joyous Alleluia is not heard again until Easter. The Gloria in Excelsis Deo is no longer sung on Sundays, but only on the feasts of the saints. The fast does not begin until Ash...
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    Monopoly — Who owns the world?

    Here is some confirmation of the above.
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    The Smallpox Biowar — a “perfect” scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel elections

    Generally this is plausible. But the notion of suspending the election is far-fetched. Congress is elected to a two year term. We their term is up they are no longer congressmen unless re-elected. If there is no election they cannot be re-elected. The Senate is a six year term. Every two years...
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    Fr. John Hardon, SJ, is an excellent catachist and teacher. He tried very hard to reconcile...

    Fr. John Hardon, SJ, is an excellent catachist and teacher. He tried very hard to reconcile Vatican II with tradition. A hopeless project.
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    St. Martin of Tours

    St. Martin of Tours11 November 2021 St. Catherine of Alexandria our patroness in New Zealand, a fourth century eighteen year old virgin, impressed the Emperor Maximin with her wisdom and knowledge. He summoned his most learned men to lead her away from the Catholic Faith. Contrary to his...
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    ! Are the Vaccines Affecting Our Spirituality? There May be More to it Than We Think

    Yes, obedience is a virtue that stands in the middle. We can sin by disobedience or excessive obedience. The SSPX published a leaflet explaining this 30 or more years ago. Disobedience is when we do not follow a just and reasonable command of the superior. Children recognize that they are...
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    Abbot Gueranger, OSB, Governmental Authority

    Government “The Will of God is the origin, the real greatness of all authority among men. Of themselves men have no right to command their fellow-men... But God wishing that men should live one with the other, has thereby wished that there should exist amongst them a power which should rule...
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    Vax Mandate

    This is attached as a PDF file for those wishing to download it. COVID VACCINATION MANDATE by Fr . Edward F. MacDonald The Colorado Catholic Bishops (USA), the Australian Catholic Medical Association, the National Catholic Bioethics Center (USA), Fr. Selegny (SSPX) and other Catholics, some...
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    ! Are the Vaccines Affecting Our Spirituality? There May be More to it Than We Think

    It is true that he is not Catholic. An Orthodox priest, whereas a layman might me, cannot be invincibly ignorant of the claims of the Catholic Church. He voluntarily remains outside of the Catholic Church. Unless he converts his destiny is Hell and eternal subjection to the demons. It is true...