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The news has been confirmed. The superior general of the Society of St. Pius X has just notified the Capuchins of Morgon of his refusal to confer the priesthood on the two Capuchin deacons who were to be ordained in June. Unfortunately, this is not the first time [he has done this].

Back in 2012 Bishop Fellay had already blocked the ordinations of the candidates of the Dominicans of Avrille and those of the sons of St. Francis. His reason: their "non trusting" attitude regarding the doctrinal preamble which was to endorse the rallying of the SSPX to Conciliar Rome, a preamble which Bishop Fellay withdrew a few months later...

The reason given for the 2018 denial [of the Sacraments] is once more a problem of trust. As early as June 2016, the Capuchins had expressed their disagreement to the authorities of the Society, who were seeking to conclude a purely canonical agreement with [Conciliar] Rome. Such an agreement would reduce to a matter of profits and losses the very serious doctrinal differences, which in fact oblige us to regard the current Roman authorities as suspect of heresy.

A little earlier, in March 2016, Fr. Antoine, Guardian of the convent of Morgon, declared in a video made by MPI-TV, that he could not "celebrate and participate in this Jubilee of Mercy", as it was celebrating both a false mercy and the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Such a statement did upset Menzingen, who publicly encouraged this celebration.

What has also greatly irritated the Superiors of the Society was the intolerable act of charity by this beggar order, because they dared to welcome, to gather or rather simply to help at times, some of their confreres who were left in the cold by their superior general, on account of their not following the "accordist" line of Menzingen.

But the final straw was the support the friendly Traditional communities gave to the seven deans. We remember how they expressed their reservations in May 2017 about the "marriage affair": it was not so much Rome that recognized our marriages, but rather the SSPX that was placing all Traditional marriages under the new code of canon law, which is unacceptable in this matter. Here again, the profits and losses were significant: the true nature of the state of necessity caused by the Church's crisis. Hence the unanimous support of friendly communities for the seven deans.

Some thought that Bishop Fellay's "electoral tour" at the end of October 2017 in all friendly communities was a sign of appeasement, or at least a truce, pending the General Chapter of July 2018. Fr. Bouchacourt, who accompanied Bishop Fellay on this tour, had clearly stated so. We can see now that this is not the case, despite the allegations of the latter, who today forcefully demands "loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, I want loyalty" (sic)!

Let him rest assured, the lack of loyalty is certainly not the fault of the Capuchins of Morgon, nor that of the priests who do not share Menzingen's recent options. It is enough to convince oneself of this to return to what is true loyalty, so well described recently by General de Villiers ("Servir", prologue):

True loyalty is telling your leader the truth. True freedom is to be able to do so, regardless of the risks and consequences. Lyautey said: "When I hear the heels click, I see the spirits closing up". True obedience mocks blind obedience. It is the obedience of friendship. Loyalty is not the spirit of a court of law or the permanent assent to what can be useful in making oneself well regarded. Silence is sometimes close to cowardice. Loyalty loses its legitimacy where legalism starts.

Marcellino, "Pan y Vino"Coming back to our dear Capuchins, they, as usual, will not complain. They will accept this new humiliation as a very small participation in the coming Passion of Our Lord. Nor will they fall into the foul snare that has been set for them, they will wait, rather than seek help from "another bishop". So in Menzingen they won't be able to say "you see, we told you so, they're the ones who broke away".

Because the snare is rather big, even bigger than the cord worn by our dear religious, so big in fact that even the little Marcelino, "Pan y Vino", would have seen it without any problem...

Christian Lassale