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On November 12th in Syracuse and in the presence of a few prelates, a conference was held on the reconciliation of the Church and Freemasonry. The following is a letter from "Pezzo Grosso".

My dear Tossati,

What I am about to write this time is not meant to make you laugh. I am not only flabbergasted, from now on nothing will surprise me in this pontificate; this time, I am terrified. The acceleration we are seeing these last few days is surprising, as if they were facing an urgent deadline and didn’t want to waste time with diplomatic glycerine “suppositories”. After the preliminaries which could be interpreted ambiguously, they have moved on to things which don’t need interpretation anymore, war declarations against the catholic faith, against Jesus-Christ, against the Immaculate Conception. First the declarations of esteem for Luther, (the last one is the conference by Bishop Bruno Forte on October 30th), then the declarations of the Pope’s favourite theologian (Andrea Grillo) who explains, (without any refutation from the Holy See) that “transubstantiation is not a dogma”, then again the surprising and troubling public reproach from the Pope to Cardinal Sarah, and finally the conference on reconciliation of the Church and Freemasonry (November 12th in Syracuse, with the Grand Masters, a prelate and the Bishop of Noto). The poster for the event represents a worrying Christ with a compass in His hands. Admittedly, according to the declarations of Cardinal Ravasi on the reconciliation with the masonic brothers, one should not be surprised, but Ravasi is Ravasi, even when he is not speaking Aramaic and Ancient Greek it is possible to hear him without understanding him…

But I am particularly frightened by the rapid succession of these events: as if we were nearing a deadline, (that of Leo XIII’s visions? The propheties of Our Lady in La Salette? Of Saint Bridget? Of Our Lady of Akita? Of Saint Vincent Ferrer?). What, then, should we expect, as the next step? Must we imagine that the next “reconciliation” will be with the seducing snake of Genesis, whom we will have to forgive by justifying his "good intentions" to bring knowledge to Adam and Eve?  Will we have to reproach Saint Michael for kicking him out of heaven? Will Our Lady have to apologise for crushing his head with her heel? Or even ask Jesus himself to apologise, for not having succumbed to him in the desert thus opening with him a multicultural and pluralist dialogue which would have been beneficial to the both of them?

Dear Tosatti, you are not going to believe it, but I am beginning to be very frightened. I have read again the prayer-exorcism to Saint Michael the Archangel written by Leo XIII (recited after holy mass until 1964, then inexplicably “canceled”). I am wondering if I will have the strength to react without the assistance of my Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, seeing her on the contrary more and more against the Gospels and the Truth I was taught. The Cardinals and Bishops who still believe in the Truth of Christ must do something immediately! I am very much afraid that we might be at the end of time, dear Tosatti.

Pezzo Grosso, terrified…