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The gay post-conciliar church is advancing! And it is always the Rhine that flows into the Tiber...

One step further down that road was taken by Franz-Josef Bode, vice-president of the German Bishops' Conference. In an interview with the newspaper Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung he said that it was important to open the debate on two issues that agitate contemporary ecclesiastical circles: the blessing of homosexual couples and the diaconate for women.

On same-sex couples he said:

I think we need to discuss this issue in more detail within the Church..

..because, he added, there is no point "in continuing to maintain silence" on these issues. After stressing that marriage is different, Archbishop Bode felt that it is nevertheless necessary to embark on a journey that favours the blessing of homosexual couples:

One can think, for example, of a blessing that should not be confused with a wedding ceremony.

Because according to him, you have to wonder:

How can we do them justice? How can we accompany them pastorally and liturgically?

We need to think about how we should assess the relationship between two homosexuals. Is there not in them something positive, good and just, that requires us to be more just as well?

Everyone can see that in gay and lesbian relationships, love is lived every day.

On the diaconate, Bishop Bode advanced ideas that were just as much progressive:

I believe that the Episcopal Conference should reflect even more on this theme.

Because the question.. more complex than we might think.


Matthias von Gersdorff, a Catholic author who campaigned for respect for the traditional family, replied to the Bishop by warning "German Orthodox Catholics":

German Progressivism does not only want to change a few things here and there, it wants to erase all Catholic teaching and create a fundamentally new religion.

The interview with Bishop Bode..

..introduces a new phase of destruction.

Von Gersdorff concludes:

A 'normal' Catholic is perplexed and has to wonder: how much longer can the Catholic Church in Germany continue on this path of destruction and still be called Catholic? When we get to the point of no return where it will be a moral duty to refuse to pay the church tax? [In Germany people have to pay a "church tax" if they register as being religious]

In response to this author, for whom we can have some understanding and compassion, it has been since the Revolutionary Second Vatican Council that 'normal' Catholics are perplexed by all the progressive and modernist innovations in liturgical, sacramental, doctrinal, canonical,... areas that have broken with the multi-century tradition of the Catholic Church. The point of no return has already been crossed in these matters a long time ago. Today it's the turn of moral rules to be publicly disrupted and eroded by a Conciliar Church that is driven by the inertia of its revolutionary process which "creates a fundamentally new religion".

A return to authentic Tradition and a nullam partem with the conciliar Church therefore remains the best defense for souls of good will if they want to keep the Catholic faith intact.