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Msgr. Stephen Lowe is a worldly New Zealand bishop! After stating during a meeting at the Aotearoa Catholic Youth Festival that "the Church" is experiencing "a Galilean change" on homosexuality, he also said:

I think young people are prophets of the Church. They always have something to say to the Church. And that’s what has come up. Young people want the Church to be more engaging with them (LGBT people).1

And he added:

The psychology is still up for debate but the Church has got to engage with the science and engage with the experience of couples with same-sex attraction.2

What an inversion of values. The base of the "people of God" so dear to Pope Francis lays down the law! It is no longer the young ones who need to listen to the Word of God, which has been given for two thousand years through the immutable truths that Christ has revealed to us and that He teaches us through His Catholic Church, but now [according to Msgr. Low] it is the Almighty God and Creator of all things who must bow down, comply with the whims of a conciliar Church which breaks away from Tradition, and with the anti-natural and transhumanistic fads of a perverse society.

After that revolutionary madness that came blowing in at the Second Vatican Council and which is still blowing today, Archbishop Lefebvre was quite right to firmly state that:

Here is one more proof that this new Church, which they themselves have now described as ‘Conciliar’, is destroying itself. His Eminence, Msgr. Benelli himself, in his letter of last June 25th [1976], so designates it.

The Church that affirms such errors is both schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, Bishops, priests, or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church. The Church of today is the true Church only insofar as she continues and forms part of the Church of yesterday and of always. The norm of the Catholic faith is Tradition. The request of H.E. Bishop Benelli is thus clarified: submission to the conciliar Church, to the Church of Vatican II, to the schismatic Church.3

Two other bishops went in the same direction as Bishop Lowe:

We need to make the LGBT people feel welcome. They are beautiful people but they feel rejected by the Church.4

.. said Bishop Patrick Dunn of Auckland. And Cardinal John Dew of Wellington chimed in:

He (Pope Francis) does say that when people are caught up in a situation like that, we don’t condemn them. We try and walk with them and make sure they know Church teachings so they can make wise and discerned decisions themselves. But he does say if people are in a difficult situation or in a situation that isn’t in accord with Church teaching, you listen to them, you accompany them, you try and get them to understand. And even if they don’t fully understand, you don’t dismiss them.5

Even though Cardinal John Drew has pointed out that homosexual people need to be informed about the teachings of the Church, none of these three prelates dared to mention the formal condemnation of homosexuality by the Catholic Church and the mortal sins resulting from such homosexual conduct. On the contrary, in order to hear them, the Church must be ever more open to homosexual couples [according to these conciliar prelates]...

This 'ever more' has become a 'more than ever': More than ever before, this kind of conciliar ecclesiastics, backed by a Pope Francis, are separating themselves from the Catholic Church!

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