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During this past Lent, I've made a few changes to this website. Here's an overview of what's happening:

Technical Improvements

Despite the added functionality described below, under the hood the website has lost quite a bit of fat. Reliance on third party libraries and services has been avoided and the rendering and serving of pages has been streamlined to make the site lighter and quicker on older computers. The theme and design was built from the ground up to be responsive, with a mobile first approach. It should render well on different machines and screen sizes (barring a few possible teething problems).

Sidebar Blocks

Several new content blocks have been added to the front page:

  • Alerts: At the top of the left sidebar (on smaller screens it may flow to a different position) you will see a block of Alerts. These Alerts will link to different articles of interest on other websites. This will not only include articles I fully agree with, but also articles that may be of interest for other reasons.
  • SSPX Watch: Underneath the Alerts block you will find the SSPX Watch. In this area I would like to keep a record of all the changes happening in the SSPX. Some may have a short commentary, others will simply be links to other sites where such changes have been mentioned or documented.
  • Notices: At the top of the right sidebar you will find a list of current and past Notices. I have tried to keep these notices out of the way for people visiting regularly, but still accessible to latecomers. To make new notices stand out they will also be listed at the top of the content area (in the middle) for a few days, after which they will disappear from the content area, but still remain accessible from the sidebar.
  • Tidbits: Underneath the Notices you will see a block of Tidbits. This will be a collection of short snippets, historical facts, stories, suggested reading, book reviews, quotes, jokes, puzzles etc.. 
  • Catholic Action: Underneath the Tidbits we have a Catholic Action block. This block will contain the latest suggestion for people looking for hints on how to become more active in their Faith, which Msgr. Civardi explained is not merely an option but rather a duty for every good Catholic.

Since front page real estate is in short supply, only a limited amount of information can be included there. Therefore, I have added a more link to the right of the title of these blocks, which will take you to another page that will list all the past items of the block in question.

Main Menu

The main menu is self explanatory (I hope). I just like to mention that in the future I hope to greatly expand and improve the Library section accessible from the main menu. For now, it will simply display a list everything which can be downloaded from this site.

Also, I have not (yet) put much effort into the directory, for the simple reason that the response to it has been rather poor. A few people have gone out of their way to make this something useful for others, but in general, many areas remain incomplete or even completely absent. This is something that is out of my control. If people are not interested in contributing to this initiative, then so be it.


For now, the footer will contain a list of recommended websites.

Feedback & Help

As always, any help, tips, suggestions or general feedback will be most welcome and greatly appreciated.