Carmelites of the Holy Face
Newsletter 1
Posted: 17 December 2017

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Dear Friends and Benefactors,

It is with much joy and gratitude to God and to all of you that we write this first newsletter. Since Advent this year will be shorter than usual, it is likely that many of you will not receive this letter until well into the Christmas season or even the New Year.

Today when we hear the word “new”, we immediately hear alarm bells ring in our head. So tiresome are the novelties in today’s modern world, to say nothing of the unending stream of novelties in post Vatican II mainstream Conciliarism for 50+ years. Yet “new” does not always mean a change for the worse as is so often the case today. “New” is woven into every fibre of our being and into the very mystery of God’s creation. Holy Scripture tells us that there is nothing new under the sun, and indeed this is true when speaking of history as a whole. Yet we know every heartbeat is new, every breath, every second, every sunrise is new, and every birth is a new beginning.

Advent too marks the beginning of a Liturgical year. It is a time to put aside the old, and put on the new. (Rom.13:12) It is a time of reflective stillness, of silent hope and of great expectations.

The cold earth (at least in our Northern Hemisphere), is also still and silent at this time. In all appearance it seems barren and empty – a wilderness. Yet we know there lies hidden, not far beneath its surface, seeds pregnant with new life, silently awaiting the call of spring, the first warm rains and sun rays.

“Drop down dew, you heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just: let the earth be opened, and bud forth the saviour.” Isaiah 45:8

Just under two years ago, a tiny seed was also planted on an empty, barren piece of land here in West Cork which was once a garden centre. Long abandoned by its gardener, the land had become a wilderness with choking thorns and brambles.

Today a little miracle of grace has sprung forth. Spring has come for the long forsaken “Garden of Corran”, which has now become the GARDEN OF CARMEL. (Carmel means Garden of God)

“..There shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a flower shall rise up out of his root.” Isaiah 11:1

And a new shoot has also sprung from the ancient Family of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for Ireland, rooted in the Primitive Tradition of the first Carmelite Hermits on Mount Carmel and the Tradition of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. So while our tiny Foundation here in West Cork is a part (at least in spirit) of the ancient Family of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the two reasons stated above, it is nevertheless a new shoot – a new rosebud which, with God’s grace, will blossom forth into a beautiful rosebush to crown Our Blessed Lady and perfume Holy Mother the Church.

Last month, by the grace of God, the first new roots of this seed were sent down with the laying of the foundation for our future main building at the cost of €13,000. We humbly ask you to help us by your prayers and donations. Every offering however small will be received with our gratitude and the assurance of our prayers. Please send us what you can to help us build a main house.

Thank you. …

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