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Newsletter 2
Posted: 3 May 2019
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February 2018 – April 2019

Dear friends and benefactors,

It has been a year since my last and first newsletter to you. Thanks to God, to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, to Saint Joseph and to you, we have been able to go forward and to achieve many goals.

March 2018

First of all, I made my first visit to Uganda in March 2018 at the request of Fr Chazal. I didn’t know the country only through readings and especially the reading of the martyrdom of the famous Ugandan Martyrs.

The stay was very short : just a week. It was a first visit and I didn’t know what to expect. That is why I had decided to stay only for a week. During that week, I saw a great potential as far as apostolate is concerned.

July 2018

Then, I flew to the US to attend the 30th episcopal anniversary of Bishop Williamson. I was gently invited by Bishop Zendejas. It was a great blessing to meet our bishops, our priests, our seminarians and our people. I had plenty of time to talk to Bishop Zendejas and to Fr Chazal.

After the episcopal ceremony, I flew to Texas and Kansas. I was very happy to be back in Texas and to greet some of my friends there. I spent a very interesting week saying the Mass for two mini-camps, one for boys and the other for girls in St. Mary’s, KS.

September - October 2018

The third blessing was the trip to France. I couldn’t make it in 2017. I was very pleased to stay with the Dominicans of Avrillé for three weeks. I visited also three priests and two of them have been ordained with me on the same year in Ecône. I visited the seminary of Bishop Faure and I was pleased to see the seminarians I met in July in the US.

Those two trips to France and to the US were very useful. They gave me the opportunity to talk for the first time to our bishops, our priests, our seminarians and to our people. They gave me a better view of our situation and difficulties.

November 2018

When I left Uganda in March 2018, I was not sure to fly again to that country. I saw a real potential but the people I met, around ten people, were not organized. Before leaving, I asked them to get organized so that I could come again.

After six months, they did a great job : they were organized into three groups in three towns. I had to fly again to Uganda and to stay longer than the first time. I flew and I stayed for two weeks.

I met four groups instead of three as previously scheduled. I preached an Ignatian retreat in Kampala, the capital city, to about twenty people. I baptized five children. I also met a former SSPX sister ready to serve God with us in Libreville. I have to make plan so that she can come to Gabon. I hope she will be with us next year in 2020.

Our Projects

First of all, we need to consolidate our apostolate in Gabon. We do have less people in Gabon, that is in Libreville, than in Uganda but our people in Libreville know the Tradition of the Church for years while our people in Uganda are just discovering it. In Libreville, we need to completely finish our two chapels.

Still in Libreville, we need to build accommodations for two future seminarians and the study room for the lessons. My hope is to start in October 2019 with our Ugandan candidate. He will have to learn French first before studying philosophy.

Our desire is to fly twice in Uganda, first in May 2019 and secondly in November 2019 to continue our work. Our people in Uganda need a lot of instruction. For instance, they don’t know traditional catechism, how to attend or to serve the traditional Mass, the changes from Vatican II and the good fight of Archbishop Lefebvre. All that instruction in English but we don’t have the books (catechisms, Bible, etc.) we need to teach them.

We may fly to the US this summer to present our apostolate in Gabon and Uganda and to raise some money to help us.

Many Thanks To …

One more time, thank you so much for your support, your prayers and your donations. I especially want to point out your support through emails because there are very refreshing and they break the distance between us. They show me that the communion of saints is real and that we are facing less or more the same difficulties no matter where we are.

Happy Easter and happy feast of Saint Joseph the worker!

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