Sisters Of Our Lady CoRedemptrix
Newsletter 1
Posted: 29 October 2017


Dear friends and benefactors,

What a joy to be able to share with you some of our news in this first letter, which also offers us the opportunity to express our immense gratitude to all our benefactors!

ln recounting the story of our foundation, we hope to show you that, after the example of our founder Archbishop Lefebvre, we endeavour to follow the course of divine Providence even if it has us take at times a mysterious path.

In 2012, a number of sisters of the Society of Saint Pius X posed the crucial question of joining the Resistance. One sister voiced her thoughts “lt is sure, we must leave! But where will we go? Is it really prudent?“The youngest exclaimed “Sister, the faithful will not abandon the religious who desire to stay faithful to the truth! I am sure they will find a little corner for us to sleep!

The good Lord granted this little sister beyond all she could have hoped for. Never once since that day when she had to distance herself from her dear religious family did she lack either spiritual or material help. Never once. This little sister writes these lines with a deep gratitude towards all those who served or continue to serve as instruments of divine Providence.

During the summer of 2014 a priest in the Resistance, the Reverend Father Bruno O.S.B., promised to assure daily mass to the religious who hoped to join the combat. Once this single indispensable condition was confirmed ‘the great jump without a parachute into the arms of divine Providence’ could take place. It came to pass, this one sister left her former community on 28th of October 2014. This happened just after the feast of Christ the King. A feast so dear to our hearts.

For the little exiled lamb, the good God had prepared a welcoming dwelling, in a favourable environment for the religious life, thanks to a kind family. The proximity to the Dominican Fathers at AvrillĂ© proved precious. No less precious was the support of Bishop Williamson, at the lime the only bishop in the Resistance, who wrote to me on the 1st of February 2015 saying “In reality it is not you who left the Congregation, it is the Congregation that has left you in following the new line traced for the Society of Saint Pius X by its superior general and his two assistants … It is a matter of faith. You had perfect reason to leave the sisters of Bishop Fellay to stay faithful to the sisters of Archbishop Lefebvre.

With this beautiful encouragement the crossing of the desert could begin in peace, although not without difficulty. After two years, in a manner totally unexpected, a young Irish girl, ardent and decided, presented herself as a postulant. Her perseverance allowed her to overcome the obstacle of the language and all the trials of the postulate. The Sunday of Quasimodo, at the end of our week long retreat, she received the holy habit from the hands of our chaplain. Our religious bishop, Dom Thomas Aquinas, was pleased to send us his blessing for this wonderful occasion.

This day marked the official foundation of the ‘Sisters of Our Lady CoRedemptrix’. Our little community has but one desire: to keep faithfully the precious treasure of the religious life transmitted by Archbishop Lefebvre and his sister Mother Marie-Gabriel, cofounders of the Sisters of the Society of Saint Pius X. We have held onto the Constitutions, the customs and the timetable, all established by the Archbishop. We have simply added to the holy habit a distinguishing mark: an insignia embroidered on our scapular, illustrating our vocation: “To offer oneself with the divine Victim, in the image and footsteps of Our Lady of Compassion”, since “Mary was efficacious coredemptrix by Her compassion.” (Constitutions drawn up by Archbishop Lefebvre.) This insignia, representing the Cross of Our Lord and the Heart of His Holy Mother, is presented at the head of our letter.

As you can read in the chronicle, our young community was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Joseph. It thus has the assured support in heaven. It has equally the need here below! Our survival depends a great deal on our friends and benefactors. We count therefore, first and foremost on your good prayers for our perseverance and fidelity, but also for those who can, on your donations. Every offering, even the most modest, will be received with gratitude: ls it not said, that it is the little streams that make a great river?

We intend to give you a little news three times yearly, but it is every day our gratitude is conveyed through prayer: the community rosary is recited for the intentions of our benefactors. Our chaplain also offers the holy Mass for you on the last Sunday of each month.

Soeur Marie Liesse

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