Sisters Of Our Lady CoRedemptrix
Newsletter 3
Posted: 1 May 2018


Dear friends and benefactors,

“We form in the Church of God a little family”, writes Archbishop Lefebvre in our Constitutions.

All religious families strive for the perfection of charity: it is their general end. Each has also a particular end that gives them their own character. Our ‘little family’ was born in consequence of the terrible crisis that has shaken the Church since the disastrous council Vatican 2. We would like, throughout the course of our letters, to allow you to discover the jewel chiseled by the profound religious spirit and rich missionary experience of the great archbishop: a society of semi-contemplative religious, auxiliary to the priesthood, at the center of the combat for the faith!

To save the holy sacrifice of the mass, Archbishop Lefebvre firstly founded seminaries with the view of forming true priests at the service of the Church and souls. As the Blessed Virgin Mary participated in the most perfect and intimate manner at the sacrifice of the Cross (perpetuated by the sacrifice of the altar), to facilitate and complete the priestly apostolate, the Archbishop therefore wanted, with the help of his sister Mother Marie Gabriel, to form equally the religious: “The first motive of her total donation to Our Lord will consist in this aspiration to offer herself with the Divine Victim, in the image and following of Our Lady of Compassion” (Constitutions), Our Lady CoRedemptrix.

The sisters must thus be true lovers of the cross and the altar. To pray for priests is their primary duty; they accomplish this especially during their time of adoration before the tabernacle, where they share more intimately in the Passion of Our Lord and unite themselves to the Mother of Jesus in Her Compassion, Her CoRedemption.

In the time not occupied by the religious exercises, their activity remains totally absorbed in this spirit of compassion and of loving reparation; she is deployed in various domains, in relation with the priests’ apostolate.

At present, Providence entrusted us the care of one priest and two chapels. Our novice thus learns little by little to look after the altar linens and prepare the liturgical ceremonies such as those recently during Holy Week.

We write and distribute each month two modest bulletins for the Eucharistic Crusade of the Resistance: one for the pages and crusaders, the other for the use of the knights and handmaidens of Christ. We regularly travel for reunions and every year during the month of July we hold a mini-camp to encourage this young gallant army of Christ the King.

Even if we are still but a very small community, we would be glad to receive priests who are in need of a rest from their labors and ministries, or to participate in organizing retreats for seminarians (as we have already done), priests or the faithful.

Of course, to develop this apostolate, which responds so well to the present necessities, we are in need of a location permitting us to establish a stable foundation. Moreover, if God permits that the community should grow (and this seems to be His desire), we must have at our disposal a suitable building.

While we are profoundly grateful to the family who offered us a roof for our first step, we peacefully awaited a sign of Divine Providence to envisage a new foundation. This sign arrived by the intermediary of St. Joseph, at the beginning of the month that is consecrated to him: a very interesting building, situated in Brittany, was proposed to us. We were able to make a first visit during the preparatory novena for the feast day of the “Guardian of Virgins”. Without knowing anything of the property in question, we had addressed to the holy patriarch a detailed list of our desires for an ‘ideal convent’. What astonishment, mixed with gratitude, on realizing that our good St. Joseph had not forgotten a thing!

We then placed this note under his statue: “Glorious St. Joseph, it is to your paternal heart that we entrust our project: we wish to offer you the “DOMAINE SAINT-JOSEPH”, a haven of Christianity where priests, religious and faithful will honor you with a special fervor. You know our littleness and our destitution. Please arouse generous benefactors to our holy vocation.”

We are thus assured that he will rise up an army of benefactors, auxiliaries of great St. Joseph, determined to help us to gather together the necessary funds without delay, before another buyer presents themself.

We offer our sincere and ardent gratitude to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary: that they will fill you with graces in return for your generosity.

Soeur Marie Liesse

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