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The following article was found on Fr. Pivert's website and translated by a volunteer. Afterwards we noticed that it was an extract from an article published elsewhere, in English. We publish our translation here anyway.

Lilianne Ploumen has received the medal of the Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory the Great from the Pope. She confirmed this fact in a video.

The new Lady Commander of Saint Gregory the Great, former Dutch minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation is particularly active in the world promotion of abortion and promotes LGBT associations. In February 2010, Ploumen called on LGBT activists to descend upon and disrupt a mass in St John the Baptist Cathedral, wearing pink triangles with the words “Jesus excludes no one”.

In 2014, she ended foreign aid to Uganda for passing a bill banning sodomy and same-sex marriage.

In September 2017, she participated in the main LGBT group in the United Nations. As the first speaker at this event, she noted that “LGBT rights are Human Rights”. In her preliminary remarks, she declared : “We cannot be complacent. [Today], in more than 70 countries, homosexuality is still criminalized… Stigma against LGBT people continue all over the world.”

Early 2017, Donald Trump having signed a decree denying US funding to international NGOs promoting or performing abortions [known as the Mexico City Policy], the next day, Netherlands, through the voice of Ploumen the Dutch minister for Development Cooperation, took the “initiative of an international fund to offer women in developing countries access to the right information, to contraceptives and to abortions” [the fund is called SheDecides]. Lilianne Ploumen announced that she would be in touch with her counterparts in Europe and Latin America to collect funds. [She has raised over $300 million so far].

The Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great was created in September 1831 by Pope Gregory XVI. The honour of membership in the order is conferred on individuals for their “personal service to the Holy See and the Roman Catholic Church, through their unusual labours, their support of the Holy See and their excellent examples set forth in their communities and their countries.”