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Prof. Knut Wittkowski — Perspectives on the Pandemic

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Professor Knut Wittkowski has been an epidemiologist for 35 years and was the head of the Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design.


Quarantining the whole population is highly ineffective and counterproductive for several reasons:

  1. When you “flatten the curve” you will also “widen the curve”. In other words, the total number of cases will practically remain the same but they will be spread out over time. For example, instead of 4 weeks of 1000 cases on average, we may end up with 16 weeks of 250 cases on average.

  2. Only when enough people (usually about 80%) are infected and build up natural immunity (which happens naturally and in every epidemic), only then can we build up “herd immunity” and only then will the epidemic disappear. By flattening the curve we prevent this “herd immunity”, and we make matters worse by prolonging the first epidemic and by causing a second wave.

  3. The social and economic cost of this so called “cure” FAR outweighs the cost of the disease itself, which is nothing else but a normal, yearly occuring, ordinary flu!

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