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Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

As documented on TradCatResist, the following subtle change by "those who only wish to be accepted as we are" should speak for itself.

All the SSPX faithful should be well familiar with the little blue book, Christian Warfare, published by the SSPX and promoted and used on their Ignatian retreats. In the section on the Examination of Conscience, under the third commandment (page 289 in the 2006 edition) we find the following:

Have you attended and actively participated in the "New Mass"? Have you received Holy Communion in the hand?

Yet, in the new edition, this sentence was replaced with:

Have you received Holy Communion in the hand knowing that it leads to Sacrilege and loss of faith in the Real Presence?

Have you attended and actively participated in non-Catholic religious services?

Ask yourself, why is attending and actively participating in the "New Mass" no longer mentioned as being sinful? Could it be that speaking the truth is no longer compatible with being accepted "as we are" ? Is the SSPX slowly preparing minds for downplaying the evil of the "New Mass", or even worse, for accepting it as the "ordinary form" of the True Mass, an option, a preference?

Two articles are well worth reading to put this subtle little change in perspective:

Reflections on a Meaningful Behavior, regarding the politics behind the SSPX's publishing house.

SSPX Deathwish, regarding the SSPX's new silent acceptance of the Conciliar Church, "as they are" !