Flos Carmeli, Issue 24, September 2021

Flos Carmeli, Issue 24, September 2021

Inside this Issue:

Rev. Fr. Ortiz’s Editorial

The Wonders of Lourdes by Mons. de Segur

The Elevation of the Cross

Song of the Mystic

Clothing ceremony

The Carmelite Corner

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I really enjoyed the story as it is thus far revealed about "The Wonders of Lourdes" by Mons. de Segur! Looking forward to the rest of the story!
Viva Christo Rey!
Gail Hodgson
Hi Angela, thank you for positive comments about "The Wonders of Lourdes" Mons. de Segur was an extraordinary priest. There is a biography on Mon. de Segur that was published this year. If you are interested I can give all the details. Gail
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A wonderful newsletter, thank you so much for downloading it. I especially enjoyed the first article, Fr. Ortiz's Editorial on The Love of Our Neighbor. It was informative, especially on the motives on which this love should be based. The Elevation of the Cross by Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross OCD was also especially rewarding.
Gail Hodgson
Thank you Regina Clare Jane for your words of encouragement with the recent issue of The Flos Carmeli. God bless you, Gail Hodgson
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