Sola Scriptura
Cracked Foundation of the Protestant Worldview
Posted: 2 May 2019

There’s no question. The issue of authority is the key issue separating the Catholic and Protestant worldviews. Does the Church have divine authority to speak for God as she examines the light of God’s inspired revelation in Scripture through the lens of sacred tradition and formally defines matters of Christian teaching? Or is there no real authority on earth outside of Scripture itself, leaving each believer to decide for himself what the true teachings of Christianity are? In this series of six talks, I go straight to the heart of the question, arguing that the Protestant principle of sola scriptura is unscriptural, unhistorical, unworkable and, ultimately, illogical. In this first talk we discuss the foundations of the Catholic and Protestant worldviews. Many have commented that this represents the most thorough explanation and critique they’ve heard in a series of talks on this subject. Let me know if you agree!

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