The Broken Wheel, Issue 2

The Broken Wheel, Issue 2

The second issue of our magazine with our patroness St. Catherine.

Table of Contents


Dignatatis Humanae —Vatican II declaration on Religious liberty analyzed and shown to be incompatible with Catholic doctrine

True Human Dignity—demands conformity to the Will of God

Libertas – excerpts from an encyclical of Leo XIII which condemns Dignatatis Humanae

Oremus Apostolate

Man is God — Fr. Paul Wickens (RIP) explains contemporary man November Dead List

Archbishop Lefebvre on the Council – 1978 interview on Vatican II. This is an excerpt only. There is a link in the article to the full interview

Solzhenitsyn on Totalitarian Societies

A Favour from the Queen — miracle of Blessed Virgin Mary in India

Photosynthesis — a review of science class on one lie of the climate change terrorists

Alexandrian Maid — Poem by a Carmelite Sister about the patron saint of our publication

Reawakening Idealism – Martin MacManus shows that modern society destroys the natural lofty ideals of youth and how to overcome the ensuing Cynicism

Priory for SE Queensland

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