Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow the Fashions

Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow the Fashions

Often today we hear sensible people complaining about the immodesty in dress that is seen everywhere and unfortunately even in our churches. But, objectively speaking, where do we draw the line and call a garment immodest? And how can we be sure that we ourselves are dressing with proper Christian modesty that is pleasing to God? This booklet is provided to answer these questions. For on this subject, through his Church, God has made his Will clearly known. Perhaps for some, this booklet will be the litmus test to determine whether or not they are truly willing to deny themselves, to take up their cross, and follow Jesus.

Table of Contents

The Mind of the Church on Modesty in Dress​

The Need for this booklet

A Cultural Revolution — the Masonic Plan

Two Aspects of Christian Modesty:​

First Aspect: Avoid Being an Occasion of Sin

Strong Admonitions from the Saints

The Need for a Unified Standard

The Second Aspect: The Spirit of Modesty and​

The Traditional Form of Dress

The Traditional Form of Dress

The Need for Distinction

Reverence for the Female Body (the mitten and the glove)

A Perceptive Cardinal’s Letter

The Church’s thinking on Women’s Attire

Shrines of the Holy Ghost

A Positive Effect on Society

The Standards​

The Marylike Standards For Modesty In Dress

Standards for Men

Standards for Children and Youth

Sports and Recreation

Norms for Church and Other Sacred Places

The Feminine Advantage​

APPENDIX I — Rome's Decress on the Duties of Those in Authority

APPENDIX II — Headcoverings in Church

APPENDIX III — Pertinent Prophecies

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