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  1. Follow the Science?

    Follow the Science?

    Disclaimer: the following article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical or legal advice. If in doubt, please consult your own brain! Every year some of my older children organize a cowboy fun day for the local horse lovers, which they advertise...
  2. Samuel

    Comment by 'Samuel' in article 'The Fence Is About To Collapse!'

    Here is the hand that is pushing the chickens off the fence: Motu Proprio, "Traditionis Custodes" (scroll down for the English translation)
  3. Samuel

    Review by 'Samuel' in article 'The Fence Is About To Collapse!'

    This reminds me of Luke 22:31-32, where Our Lord told Peter that he had prayed for him, because Satan desired to "sift" him. It looks like the sifting is still happening today, with people being forced to make up their mind, either for the Catholic Church and against the Conciliar church or for...
  4. Like Sheep Without a Compass

    Like Sheep Without a Compass

    I have been asked by a friend of the family to give my critique of a conference given in 2018 by a certain Mr. Mario Derksen at a Fatima Conference, organized by the CMRI in Spokane, Washington. The link to this conference, as well as it's transcription, can be found in the footnotes.1 The...
  5. Samuel

    Review by 'Samuel' in article 'What Doth It Profit?'

    Great advice for our own time, when zealous Catholics are scarce as hen's teeth: "But when all this is said let not the apostle allow discouragement to press in upon him if others remain indifferent, cynical, or even positively hostile. Our Lord took what men gave Him. Let the apostle indeed be...
  6. The Communion of Saints

    The Communion of Saints

    Introduction The Catholic belief that the Saints in heaven are aware of what is going on here on earth, that they are eager to assist us with their prayerful intercession, and that we can even ask them for their intercession is a big stumbling block to most Bible-believing Christians. They...
  7. Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant

    Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant

    Introduction After only a cursory reading of the Bible, it may appear that Mary, the mother of Our Lord, was nothing more than a humble virgin from Nazareth, who gave birth to Jesus and then faded into the background, practically disappearing from God’s plan of salvation. Why is it then that...
  8. "Una Cum" and the Pied Piper

    "Una Cum" and the Pied Piper

    A friend of mine recently told me he preferred to stay “home alone” rather than attend a Mass where the priest prays “una cum” pope Francis, whom he considers to be a heretic. This is how he explained it to me : So I would like to offer here a few arguments against what I believe is an...