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    Favourite Quotes

    Oh, I so liked this, Elisa. Thank you for sharing!
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    Favourite Quotes

    The only book that is of any help to me now is the Gospel, and in it I shall find all that I need. I hear Our Lord telling me the one thing I have to do: "Learn of Me, because I am meek and humble of heart," and this brings the peace that He has promised: "and you shall find rest to your souls"...
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    Building Blocks for Saint Joseph's Carmelite Hermitage!

    I am so grateful to our Carmelite nuns for all their prayers and sacrifices. Praying every day for their continued perseverance while undergoing severe spiritual attacks from the outside. God bless and reward them!
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    Children of God for Life

    Excellent website!
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    Quizzes to a Street Preacher, Hell

    I think this was one of the best things I have read! Very appropriate for Lent!
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    Recommended Alternative News Sites

    Very interesting article on the use of lysine therapy for COVID!
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    Letter from Fr. Demaris to Catholics Who Have Been Deprived of a Priest

    Yes, I agree, this letter could not be more efficacious now in these times of true trial. I have been very fortunate that I have not been deprived of my priests and the Mass as they have steadfastly chosen to stay with their lambs in this crisis. But even so, I see the toll the lack of courage...
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    Carmelites of the Holy Face, Newsletters

    Always so blessed by the Carmelites. May God reward them for their faithfulness!
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    Carmelites of the Holy Face, Live Stream, The Crisis in the Church

    Wonderful as always. So good to hear our dear Sisters talking about the Catholic faith and giving us much hope for the future if we only turn back to God and His Blessed Mother.
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    Friends of the Suffering Souls

    Excellent website!
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    Apparitions of Poor Souls from Purgatory

    A very interesting article, thank you, especially point number 3. What a holy thing it is to pray for the dear souls in Purgatory. Think of all those who have no one to pray for them because some think it superstition, or worse yet, have no belief in Purgatory.
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    Carmelites of the Holy Face - Update January 2021

    God bless our dear Carmelite Sisters. I am so grateful to God for these very devoted nuns who continually pray for us and for the world. Thank you for posting this update from Mother Irene and the Community.