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  1. Carmel


    It is so clearly explained how we must avoid defacing ourselves with tattoos and try to preserve the natural beauty given to us by God.
  2. Carmel

    Vaccine Secrets, Animated Video Created By Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children

    Excellent overview on vaccines.
  3. Carmel

    Scamdemic Reality Check From New Zealand

    I agree we MUST take a stand or we`ve lost the fight. Very encouraging to see many others don`t blindly follow govt recommendations. After all God did give us the gift of reason so we must use it. Our future depends on it.
  4. Carmel

    Favourite Quotes

    Sounds like plenty to keep us busy! It is good to be reminded what we should be working on. I think it would be a good meditation to help with examining our consciences.
  5. Carmel

    Easter Monday

    How true, it is better to listen to God than to men! We must also pray for the faithful priests to persevere in the Truth without compromise, as we all know the Father of Lies is very cunning and does not sleep. Yes we must all be vigilant.
  6. Carmel

    Favourite Quotes

    The eyes of the world see no further than this life, But the eyes of the Christian see deep into Eternity. St John Vianney
  7. Carmel

    Review by 'Carmel' in article 'The Art of Forming the Conscience of a Child'

    Yes it is so important for our children to form a clear conscience of doing what is right despite not being accepted by others.
  8. Carmel

    Review by 'Carmel' in article 'Escaping Purgatory'

    A consoling thought to know we can escape the pains of purgatory by a simple act of perfect contrition and asking God's mercy on our poor souls
  9. Carmel

    Review by 'Carmel' in article 'The Sources Of Modern Attacks Against The Church'

    Well worth reading, so applicable to our times.