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Should we still talk about communism, officially [declared] dead and buried since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the disappearance of the USSR?

We should. There are at least three reasons.

Studying The Science Of Evil

First of all, we need to be familiar with the science of evil.

Fr. Joseph Lémann (1836-1915) explains that this is necessary for a theological view of history, on account of the antagonism between Our Lord Jesus Christ and His enemy:

Whoever in the study of history fails to take into account not only Providence but also Hell, will only ever hold indecisive views, and will furnish nothing but incomplete explanations. God and Satan both contend for man's heart, as we all know; but they also contend for the direction of society, its developments and its phases.... Besides quarrels between cities, countries, nations and races, the history of these last eighteen centuries clearly reveals the spectacle of those two giant forces in battle: infernal malice devastating society, and divine grace repairing, sustaining and always helping it along.1

Jean Vaquié (1911-1992), in his Abrégé de démonologie, notes that the word devil is found thirty-four times in the New Testament and the word Satan thirty-three times, and he comments:

Scripture contains not only the science of good, i. e. the science of God, but also the science of evil, i. e. the science of God's enemy, who is also the enemy of mankind. And this science of evil is as necessary to us as the science of good, since it teaches us the nature and works of the invisible enemies against whom we have to fight during our perilous journey on earth.

Scripture, passed on by the Fathers, the liturgy and the magisterium, reveal not only the Word Incarnate, but also His adversary; a revelation that is absolutely indispensable to us. And if we took away everything about the demon, we'd take away half of what it contains.

Communism is one of the pinnacles of evil. In it we can observe, to a degree rarely reached, two of the main characteristics of the devil: murder and lies.

You are of your father the devil [said Our Lord to the Pharisees]: and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning: and he stood not in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. 2

Communism has reached the peak of homicidal violence - sixty-six million deaths in Bolshevik Russia alone - and a kind of perfection in the use of lies: Pravda, a word which means "truth", was the name of the newspaper charged with spreading official lies.3

By making us better acquainted with the adversary, the study of communism will teach us how to resist him, in particular by the strength of soul against violence and the love of truth against lies.

Communism Turns Into Globalism

Second reason: Communism is turning into globalism. The latter seems less violent - physically - but it carries the same errors: atheism, immorality, destruction or impoverishment of families, government intrusion into private life, assassinations - in the form of abortion and euthanasia -, and lies through the media.

How can we explain this transition from communism into globalism?

First of all, we can see that globalism is being installed by the neo-conservatives, some of whom are former communists posing as dissidents in the west.

The first neo-conservative theorist to have adopted this word and who is considered the founder of this ideology is Irving Kristol, father of William Kristol and founder of the "neo-conservative" think-tank Project for the New American Century. Irving Kristol was a militant Trotskyist, active during his youth. 4

Norman Podhoretz openly admits:

We were a relatively small group of left-wing-affiliated intellectuals who joined the conservative ranks in the late 1960s.5

Christian Rakovsky
Christian Rakovsky

On another level, the "banksters" who installed communism are those who set up globalism6. Globalism is the synthesis of capitalism and communism operated under the influence of high finance. In this regard, we should read the interrogation of Christian Rakovsky7, which took place in the context of a Stalinist trial, on a famous date: the night of 25 to 26 January 1938. In this famous night illuminated by an unknown light which, according to the prophecy of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima (July 13,1917), announced the Second World War, Rakovsky confessed:

This important revolutionary [Weishaupt] decided, or perhaps was ordered to found a secret organization that would provoke the French Revolution and push it far beyond its political objectives, in order to make it a social revolution to establish communism. What is less well known is the relationship between Weishaupt and his successors and the early Rothschilds.

[Trotsky] says that the Komintern is a conservative organization compared to the New York Stock Exchange, designating the great bankers as the inventors of the revolution. [...] They are revolutionaries objectively and subjectively, and quite consciously. The October Revolution? THEY are the ones who financed it.

In fact, there is only one goal, and that is the triumph of communism; it's not Moscow that will impose its will on democracies, but New York. It is not the Komintern [Communism-intern] that will impose it, but the Kapintern [Capitalism-intern]. One force only can do this, and that is money. Money is power and it's the only power.

In Moscow there is Communism, in New York there is Capitalism: it is a thesis and antithesis. Just analyze one and then the other. Moscow is subjective communism but also objective capitalism, state capitalism. New York is subjective capitalism, but objective communism. The personal, real synthesis, the truth: it is international finance, capitalism-communism, THEM. 8

Communism Is Not Dead

Evo Morales with Pope Francis
Evo Morales with Pope Francis

Lastly, even though it is metamorphosed into globalism in a large area of the planet, unabashed communism is not dead.

On 9 July, 2015, Pope Francis received, with delight, a Communist crucifix commissioned by Bolivian President Evo Morales, as a reminder of the collusion between Communism and the Conciliar Church.

Archishop Lefebvre remarked in his Spiritual Journey:

..we must not be afraid to affirm that the current Roman authorities, since John XXIII and Paul VI, have made themselves active collaborators of international Jewish Freemasonry and of world socialism. John Paul II is above all a communist-loving politician at the service of a world communism retaining a hint of religion. He openly attacks all of the anti-communist governments and does not bring, by his travels, any Catholic revival. 9

Another example: in 2017, for the first time in France in many years, communism scored better in elections than socialism. Jean-Luc Mélenchon received 7,059,951 votes, while Benoît Hamon received only 2,291,288, or three times less.

Third example: Communism is still alive in China and several other countries, forcing a large part of the world's population into slavery. We quote Patrick Saint-Paul:

Mao had glorified them. Modern China owes its economic miracle to them.

The world's leading power in the making has risen on the shoulders of these millions of peasants turned into workers. Forming part of the largest human migration in history, this labour mass has left the countryside. In Beijing, more than one million people live in the unhealthy subsoil of the capital. The Mingongs - the migrant workers -  while stuck with small jobs and waiting to find better ones, live underground. Coming from the four corners of the country, coming from diverse ethnic minorities, these people carried on without a frame of mind to search for a better life. They eventually adopted the nickname they were given: the Shuzu, the "tribe of rats".


These three reasons prompted us to create a dossier on communism, spread out over several issues of Le Sel de la Terre. Let us keep in mind that there has been no official trial of communism. Neither in the countries that have officially left it, such as Russia, nor in those that were officially its opponents, but under the direction of Freemasonry, its objective ally.

Among the great authorities, only the Catholic Church, up to and including Pius XII, denounced the intrinsically perverse. But since Vatican II this voice has been silenced. It is therefore necessary to continue, to the best of our abilities, to expose communism for what it is: hideous and perverse, a frightening prefigure of the Antichrist.

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