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While France is occupied with and distracted by presidential “elections”, a very important event has taken place in the SSPX (Priestly Society of St Pius X). In fact, 7 deans of the district of France and 3 superiors of religious communities friendly with the SSPX have co-signed a document titled: “Weddings in the SSPX: letter from deans of the SSPX and friendly religious communities.”

This document was then read in various chapels (St Nicolas) of the SSPX by the deans themselves.

This “open” letter follows Pope Francis’ canonical recognition of the marriages of the SSPX. Pope Francis, in the context of the rapprochement between the SSPX and the Roman authorities, had indeed published a document in which he declared that the marriages of the SSPX could be recognized valid insofar as they will be celebrated within the framework of the diocese and that they will be recorded in the episcopal archives.

Following this document from the pope, the current superior of the SSPX (Bishop Fellay) rejoiced and “deeply thanked the Holy Father for his pastoral solicitude”.

But it now seems that the line of conduct of the superiors of the SSPX (rapprochement, rallying or prelature) is not accepted by a notable part of priests of the SSPX, especially in France.

Up until now, it seemed that this resistance to the rallying of the SSPX was only the battle-horse of Bishop Williamson and the priests of the resistance. Many priests of the SSPX seemed to blame the English prelate for dividing the SSPX and seemed to follow rather passively the policy of rallying that Bishop Fellay had begun since the beginning of the years 2000 and accelerated since the chapter of the summer 2012.

But now the spiritual fracture has appeard in the SSPX between those who wish to rally to Rome and those who don’t. This letter from the deans is a barely veiled rejection of this ongoing process.

What is going to happen now? Difficult to foresee but what is now certain is the existence of a deep fracture within the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Is not this situation of internal division, which now appears in public, the confirmation that truth alone is the internal cement of every society?

Marcello Giana