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From the Reconquista wesbite, translated by Suzanne Bretz

“Reconquista” brings to your attention this deplorable occurrence in a mission of the SSPX in the islands of the Pacific. You will first read the “Word of the Prior” who agrees with the accusations of heresy made about Pope Francis. But then, with great stupefaction, in that same bulletin, we find out that the very same prior has installed with great joy (see photo) a benediction of Pope Francis for the St Raphael parish. The SSPX has therefore well surpassed the Society of St Peter in terms of an agreement.

The bulletin referred to can be found on the website. The Prior, Fr. Andrew Cranshaw, starts the bulletin with some beautiful words :

Dear Friends & Benefactors,

Despite the terrible crisis in Church raging around us to the point where the current Pope is rightly being accused publicly of 7 major heresies by prominent Catholic theologians, we need to just stop and smell the roses.

But then a little further we read :

Through the mediation of our Bishop Fellay’s second assistant, Fr Nély, our mission received a papal blessing from Pope Francis in person.

I think it is time for Fr. Cranshaw to stop and smell the roses himself!