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In their bulletin for the fourth Sunday of Lent, the SSPX in Oxley (Brisbane, Australia) makes the following announcement (page 3, no. 8, emphasis added) :

Rosary Confraternity Membership: The opportunity to become a member of the official Rosary Confraternity connected with the diocesan Dominican Friars in Queensland has arisen. Promises and indulgences attached are numerous while the obligations are simply to say three Rosaries a week in union with the Confraternity under no pain of sin. See the information and sign-up sheet on the notice board. Enquiries: ...

Three key phrases stand out: "the opportunity has arisen", "the official Rosary Confraternity" and "the diocesan Dominican Friars".

"the diocesan Dominican Friars"

Why would a Traditional Catholic want to turn to the diocesan (read: Conciliar) Dominican Friars, especially considering that they have their very own (read: Catholic) Dominican Friars in Avrille? Do the Conciliar fleshpots of Egypt look more attractive than the Catholic mana from Heaven? For as long as I can remember Traditional Catholics have been able to join the Rosary Confraternity through the Dominican Friars in Avrille. Why all of a sudden is this not good enough anymore? I wonder what could possibly motivate a Traditional Catholic to turn to the Conciliar Church in order to obtain "promises and indulgences" that were given to the Catholic Church long before the revolution? As if the Conciliarists have become the guardians and dispensers of these Catholic treasures!

"the official Rosary Confraternity"

As Fr. Billecocq recently remarked, the SSPX is committing semantic treason by phasing out the term "Conciliar" and replacing it with the term "Official". Why? Because it has always been the position of the SSPX that "it is a strict duty for every priest wanting to remain Catholic to separate himself from this Conciliar Church for as long as it does not rediscover the Tradition of the Church and of the Catholic Faith", as the Archbishop used to put it. And therefore, the principle has always been "no practical agreement without a doctrinal agreement", in other words, we must remain separated from the Conciliar Church, we must have nothing to do with them.

So, the traitors decided to phase out the word "Conciliar" and to replace it with "official". After all, if it is the official church, then surely, every Catholic needs to belong to it. And if we find ourselves belonging to an "unofficial" church, then surely the irregularity must be ours, and we need to try and obtain our legitimate place in the "official" church.

We can see here how this tactic is trickling down the ranks, to be quickly assimilated by the sheeple in the pews.

"the opportunity has arisen"

Now why would this "opportunity" have arisen? Why now? Did the diocese not have their very own official Rosary Confraternity since many years ago? So why did the opportunity not arise many years ago as well? Could it be that back then the SSPX was principled and different enough to remain separate, whereas now all of a sudden they have become compatible, tolerating each other's differences (if any), agreeing to disagree, having earned their little corner in the ecumenical zoo? Bring on those luminous mysteries, the SSPX's sheeple are ready for their fair share of those Conciliar "promises and indulgences"!