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In their weekly bulletin of 13 October 2013, the SSPX in New Zealand announced:

Through the mediation of our Bishop Fellay's second assistant, Father Nély, our mission received a Papal blessing from Pope Francis in person. The blessing Papal Benediction reads: His Holiness Francis grants with an open heart the apostolic blessing to the curate of the community of the parish of Saint Raphael, Vunapisu, South Santo, Vanuatu, and implores and abundance of grace and the protection of the Holy Virgin Mary. (Source)

What a change from the "mark of honor and sign of orthodoxy" they USED to boast! You see, back in 1988, on July 1, Cardinal Gantin declared the threatened excommunication (according to canon 1382) to have been incurred by Archbishop Lefebvre. A few days later, on July 6, the 24 superiors of the SSPX sent an open letter to Cardinal Gantin in which they proudly declared that they regarded such an excommunication by the Conciliar Church as "a mark of honor and a sign of orthodoxy". Here is an excerpt from this open letter:

We ask for nothing better than to be declared out of communion with this adulterous spirit which has been blowing in the Church for the last 25 years; we ask for nothing better than to be declared outside of this impious communion of the ungodly.


To be publicly associated with this sanction which is inflicted upon the six Catholic Bishops, Defenders of the Faith in its integrity and wholeness, would be for us a mark of honor and a sign of orthodoxy before the faithful. 1

Either Pope Francis has become a "defender of  the Faith in its integrity and wholeness", or the SSPX is pursuing and mediating it's own entry into "this impious communion of the ungodly".