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After several months of reflection, we are able to promulgate the final statutes of the SAJM.

The statutes of the SAJM intend to keep intact the spirit of the statutes given by Mgr Lefebvre to the FSSPX. In addition, they aim to preserve the letter as much as possible in the current circumstances.

Thus, some articles of the statutes of the SSPX which have become anachronistic have been removed, for example those that relate to some coordination with the diocesan clergy (Chap. III, No. 5, Chap IV, No. 1 and No. 2).

We also felt it necessary to add some rules to protect the new congregation from the danger of deviation to one side or the other, such as the absolute prohibition of an agreement with liberal and modernist Rome (Chap. II, No. 5) or the dismissal standards of the Superior General (Chap. V, No. 2). If there had been similar provisions in the statutes of the SSPX, it might have prevented the Fraternity from becoming involved in the serious deviation we are witnessing today.

We have added rules on the amendment of the statutes (Chap. IX) which are not in the SSPX statutes.
Finally, the statutes contain various transitional provisions, made necessary because it is a congregation in the course of formation which obviously cannot depend on the Roman authorities, who try to destroy the Church.

The Catholic Church is hierarchical and monarchical by divine institution. It will never change, no matter how deep the crises it goes through in history. Thus, these two properties must be maintained in any truly Catholic congregation, without yielding to the temptation to mitigate them for fear that, misusing them, the Superiors will divert the congregation, as is currently happening in the SSPX. It is not permitted to innovate in this area, and especially not in a liberal way that would weaken the principle of authority.

May these statutes help members to be faithful followers of Jesus and Mary. In S. Jn. XVII, 17, Our Lord addresses this prayer to his Father for his disciples: “Sanctifica eos in Veritate. Sermo tuus Veritas est”. He also teaches us that charity comes from the knowledge of the true Faith: eternal, supernatural life begins here below with the knowledge of the Father and the Son -work of the Holy Spirit- which becomes divine life in the soul of those who believe and become "participants in the divine nature" (II Pe, I, 4).

"Euntes ergo docete omnes gentes" (Mt XXVII, 19)

+ Christian Jean Michel Faure

For the complete statutes, go to the SAJM official website, and scroll down for the English translation.