1. Samuel

    Inside a Carmelite Convent, 1959

  2. Samuel

    Solemn Profession Ceremony — Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 25, January 2022

    Inside this Issue: The Wonders of Lourdes by Mons. Gaston de Segur Stronger than Steel Soldiers of the Great War write to Sister Thérése of Lisieux Clothing Ceremony The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 5, September 2015

    Inside this Issue: Encyclical letter for Pentecost - Pope Leo XIII St. Therese & the Holy Ghost ‘Lazy’ Monks & the progress of science Blessings from Our Lady A Tribute to Sr. Mary Magdalen of Our Lady of Sorrows TODC Thank you The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 17, September 2018

    Inside this Issue: Father Ortiz’s editorial Saint Gaspar del Bufalo A Prayer to Our Lady of the Precious Blood Fr. William Doyle & World War I : A Chaplain’ story The Prophecies of La Salette The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 16, June 2018

    Inside this Issue: Rev. Fr. Ortiz’s direction Br. Marcel Van C.SS.R A Retired Life The Crown of Thorns & mental illness Bl. Maria Candida of the Eucharist OCD The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 22, September 2020

    Inside this Issue: Fr. Ortiz's Editorial A Letter To St. Joseph Reception of Br. Michael of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Patrick of Ireland In Love With the Divine Outcast Profession Mementos: Br. Joseph and Sr. Mary Monica Pilgrimage to Our Lady's Shrine of Walsingham The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 23, March 2021

    Inside this Issue: Fr. Ortiz’s Editorial Fr. G. Lagrange: quote Bl. Sr. Maria Restituta Letters: On the practice of self-abandonment to Divine Providence The Cross; to ‘baptise’ sufferings & happiness The 30th Anniversary of Profession - Sr. Agnes of Jesus Crucified TODC The Carmelite Corner
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    Flos Carmeli, Issue 24, September 2021

    Inside this Issue: Rev. Fr. Ortiz’s Editorial The Wonders of Lourdes by Mons. de Segur The Elevation of the Cross Song of the Mystic Clothing ceremony The Carmelite Corner
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    Traditional Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face, Ireland

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    Archbishop Viganò Sends His Blessing To The Carmelite Sisters in Ireland

    You can read the letter in English and Italian on the Carmelites' website:
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    Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face talk with Niall McConnell, 13 July 2021

    Interview starts at about 9 minutes 30 seconds:
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    Building a Catholic Shrine Garden

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    Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face talk with Niall McConnell on The Sacred Heart