catholic action

  1. Samuel


    "The strength of the Communist Party lies in the zeal of its members, for whom no sacrifice is too great, no job too hard. Fired with enthusiasm for the teachings which are for them their religion, they put Christians and non-Communists to shame. Their success is a measure of our failure to make...
  2. The Sacrament Of Catholic Action

    The Sacrament Of Catholic Action

    The storm that broke over the ugly world on Good Friday died out and burned away in the angry red of the sunset sky. The people hurried back to their homes, glad that the whole mess was over. A few faithful souls carried to a borrowed grave the broken body of the Man Who had claimed to be leader...
  3. Christian Knighthood

    Christian Knighthood

    Following a custom established by your order, you have assembled this evening at a Vesper service to give expression to your faith as a Catholic organization, and to honor the memory of Columbus, whose name you bear and whose discovery of America you commemorate this day. Beautiful as is this...
  4. The Call to Catholic Action

    The Call to Catholic Action

    All Catholics are divided into . . . No. For once it is not the easy and bromidic division of ‘all Gaul.’ All Catholics are divided into so many classifications that one faces with a sinking heart their differences and discordant views (on all save essentials), their varying degrees of...
  5. Union Among Catholics

    Union Among Catholics

    The Catholic community a people apart, and ought to be closely drawn together — Catholics should help one another, should promote the Kingdom of God by combination and organisation, for missionary and public purposes — Catholic Associations. As you will remember, the grand lesson taught by St...
  6. What Doth It Profit?

    What Doth It Profit?

    1. What Doth It Profit? A reason which accounts in large measure for the difference between Our Lord’s point of view and our own is that He sees our souls and we do not see them. In His eyes the human soul is far and away the most precious thing on this earth. It is like a glorious sun sending...